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AngleWare is proud to present it unique and patented product the Tilted Pet Bowl, a new angled pet bowl made from stainless or plastic. The pet bowl is a strong and durable, it provides an alternative to the conventional food bowl used by dogs, cats, or similar pets for holding various food items or water. The tilted pet bowl is inclined at an approximate 15° angle from one side to another. This feature allows food, water, or any item placed into bowl to flow over to one side of the bowl. The tilted pet bowl has a rubber bottom ring to provide a non-slip convenience when used on a smooth floor. The tilted pet bowl for dogs will include a large and medium stainless bowl and a large and medium plastic bowl.

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We are providing tilted pet bowls


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AngleWare is being founded by Robert Stovall and is a family owned business AngleWare is C-Corporation that is registered in the state of Illinois. AngleWare, develops, and markets the Tilted Dog and Cat Bowl. We are dedicated to providing to retailers and wholesalers a low-cost high quality dog and cat bowls made from stainless steel and durable plastic. The pet bowls are patent protected worldwide with no existing competition.

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Product Description

The tilted Dog and Cat Bowl™ is an innovative pet bowl to assist dogs in consuming their food and less clean-up for dog and cat owners. The Pet Bowl offers the following features and benefits:



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I absolutely love these bowls and the shape enables my cat to eat and drink easily. The quality is good, and they are worth the money. Really fast shipping by the company. Thanks, Angle Ware.

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Titled pet bowls from Angle Ware are fantastic. They are strong and durable as my pet has an annoying habit of throwing his food bowl around and playing with it. I also emailed asking about purchasing more bowls and I have never worked with such a great company. They responded in minutes

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