We Sell Pet Bowls

Angelware is the leading pet specialist. Our healthy pets bowls have an inclined surface to allow for complete consumption of the bowl’s content. We provide pet owners with food bowls in different sizes for different size pets.
  • Vet-recommended stainless steel
  • Inclined surface to allow for complete consumption of the bowl’s content
  • Reduces mess and unwanted cleanup
  • Naturally bacteria-resistant
  • Decreases pet frustration
AngelWare is the pet bowl with the contour bottom for food or water with an inclined bottom surface intended to allow for more natural complete consumption of the bowl contents by the pet.

AngelWare Bowl are perfect pet dish with different sizes for different size pets. A fantastic angel gives your pet easy food consumption, which will, surely brighten up the space and make feeding fun.

Another Amazing Angleware Product

The Never Tilt Safety Cooler is a large, multi-gallon thermally insulated beverage container that offers improved dispensing.

  • Sloped Interior Bottom Routes Beverages Toward The Pour Spigot
  • No Messay Spills and Clean Ups
  • Easy to Transport

Utility Patent #9,676,522.
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The Bowls


Easy Consumption


Serve your pets the best way with our super comfortable bowls that will make feeding time quick, simple and mess-free. One of your pet’s favorite things to do is eat! However, feeding time can often become quite scruffy. If you usually place bowls on the ground, your pets will often move them around the floor while eating. As they do so, food or water can pour out on the floor, and this will result in a big mess. With Angleware your pets can consume their food comfortably and without messing the floor!


Stainless Steel


When choosing the best pet food bowls, there are various factors to consider. If you would want a something that is easy to keep clean, safe for use and allows for complete consumption of content, Angelware’s stainless steel bowls with inclined bottoms and a non-slip base are the answer. Our bowls are much easier to wash and attract fewer bacteria.


The Best Pet


Most pet owner take pride in providing the best for their pet. Our stainless steel pet bowls are top of the line. Angelware bowls comes in different sizes, Small Cat Bowls, Small Dog Bowl, and Large Dog Bowls which are incredibly durable. All of these pet bowls can be washed easily and reduces mess and unwanted cleanup.